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Post  mattador on December 7th 2009, 5:18 pm

Not sure if any of you guys are still playing or check out the website, but the recent changes to the game have really left in its best state since launch. Lag is much better, CC and AOE are under control, and even giant zerg fights can be fun and tactical now.

The new guild I joined decided to reroll Order on Badlands because they are aoutnumbered there and Destro had a huge advantage on IR. It has been a lot of fun starting over and rolling some high RR guilds. This is definitely the best PvP game around and if you are bored with whatever you are currently playing, its worth giving WAR another try. That said, one thing I have learned is that this is a group game and it is hard to do well, have fun and make a difference with only 1, 2, or 3 players. It requires a group or 2 very well coordinated on vent. Mt toon on Badlands Order is Mattador as always. Look me up if interested in playing again.
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